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Troops 2 Trades (T2T) mission is to provide a service that supports all Uniformed Service leavers of any Uniformed Service in their transition to civilian life and employment. Especially those personnel who through illness or injury are unable to continue in their chosen service or normal way of life. Additionally we will assist those families providing care and welfare support to our uniformed veteran. T2T will specifically aid our uniformed veterans who require job match skills to enhance their opportunities. Especially providing opportunities to those who are unable to work to a normal daily routine due to medication or infirmity, giving them back some respect, independence and security. Finally to provide contact centres for those suffering from post traumatic stress (PTSD) or similar mental health issues, providing information, advice and mentoring services by qualified mentors.


Troops to Trades CIC (T2T) was established to assist and support all uniformed service veterans including Armed Forces personnel in transition to civilian employment at end of their service or during rehabilitation having suffered illness or injury as a result of their service duty. This transition period can be the most difficult time in the life of any ex services person and their families with many failing to make the change successfully. Many family breakups are due to insecurity, lack of opportunity and not being able to support their family, the once proud service veterans see themselves as failures.


Mentored Safe Recovery (MSR) will provide contact centres in our home county and has no restrictions on supporting and mentoring serving personnel or veterans of any uniformed service, whether Military, Police, Fire, Ambulance, Nurses or Prison Services personnel.


Troops2Trades CIC (community interest company) is by definition a company and as such must run the business to ensure solvency. T2T CIC will look to make strong affiliations and partnerships with organisations and businesses who support our policy and philosophy of supporting those who supported others.

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We can offer a wide range of support to assist the integration into civillian life. To find out more contact us or read more online.